Fairy Lights says:
For some reason, we're watching the Flintstone's Christmas Carol.
Ciaran says:
I wouldn't have thought they celebrated christmas
Ciaran says:
what with jesus not having been born


My wisdom teeth are coming in. One of them is poking out already. =/

That means I have to go do that stupid surgery. Dammit.

I've been putting it off for 8 months.

I hate hate HATE anything to do with my teeth... Ugh.

I'm scared. =(
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My life sucks. It sucks in a way that most people wouldn't even be able to comprehend, because my life is so goddamn pathetic, most people wouldn't even dream of attempting to live it.


That was weird.

I'm sitting on a very tall stool so I can sorta reach my dad's laptop, which he keeps on top of his dresser, reading an LJ entry of Kayleigh's, when all of the sudden something green falls onto the drawer about six inches away from me. It's a caterpillar! Why the hell would a caterpillar randomly fall from the ceiling in my parent's room? Bizarre.

Soo... Life. I dunno. I'm pretty bored. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good and didn't want to spend the whole day inside reading Harry Potter, so I called up Danielle. I went to her house and we made apple chips and played basketball. For the first time ever, I actually won a game of 21. It was sweet. Then I lost twice... But that's no matter!

We were going to go see Open Season today, but now that I think of it, I haven't got much money to spare. Still putting in applications places. Yeah. I've got $15 from babysitting, but I think I'll use that for gas.

"Do you hate it when guilty criminals are set free?"

I just filled out an application for Blockbuster... It was normal at first, but then I had to fill out what seemed to be a personality assessment. Seriously, there were 185 questions. Though most of them were repeated several times... Especially the "Are you a leader?" questions.

Heh, I'm pretty sure I contradicted myself several times. Oh well.

I smell bad and my throat hurts. Yay!
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Okay, so today is my last day of housesitting. Which also means that I'm going to go back to internet-free life.

I'll probably update once a week or so, but maybe not.

See ya.
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Holy Crap, Ular!

Okay, so you know how Ular has been breaking into my car?

He did it again this morning, so I took him to the park. Afterwards, I put him back in his pen and came upstairs. Ten minutes later I look out the window and he's in the car again. I know for a FACT I did not leave the door open at all.

So I go outside, let him out of the car, close all the doors and come back inside. I wait by the window. Sure enough, 30 seconds later he's walking back over towards my car. He opens the door with his TEETH! He bites the handle and moves it up and the door opens a bit, then he nudges it open a bit more with his nose.

I cannot believe some people think dogs aren't smart.


I bought a shirt today. It's... odd. Not something I usually wear. It kinda makes me feel naked on top. Anyway, I thought it was time for something new... And it only cost $8. Whee. Keikins likes it, so that's good.

Danielle's parents said I could continue to live here even when they're back if I want. I just have to have a job and preferably also be going to school. No problems there... I'm planning on doing both of those things. I'm just not sure whether or not I want to live with her family. My parents wouldn't like it much, I'm sure... And it might be a bit awkward here with them. Not sure about that.

Heh, Danielle said her parents would pay for everything... Like food and such. I told her that's fine, I'd probably pay for my own food, since I'm a vegetarian and I eat different things. Eating over at her house is okay every now and then, but I don't really want to just live off of side dishes.

If my parents end up moving back to the little house, then I'm definitely coming to live with Danielle. Or if her parents move out of this house, or if she moves into another house that they own.

When I was paying for my shirt today at Ross, the cashier guy seemed pretty friendly so I asked him how he liked working there. He said, "It's got its ups and downs. Why, are you thinking about applying?" and I said yeah, that I just need a job somewhere. He smiled and said, "Well, this is one of the easiest places to get a job." then he went on about how he's been working there for five years and that they "make their own fun" there... Stuff like that.

If he's been working there for five years, he must like it well enough.

So Ross is on my list... My sister had a bad experience there, but I'm pretty sure that's just because her trainer was an idiot/bitch. She went around several shopping centers with me today and we made a mental list of the places to apply. So... yes. Fun stuff.

At Riding High today I actually cried... I haven't done that in months. Honey actually asked me if I need to come more than once a month, but I said no. Afterwards I went up to Keith's aunt's house and it was fun. We ate chocolate chips and chocolate syrup for dinner.
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Amazon TELLS me when people buy something off of my wish list?

Why the hell would they do that?

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